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Customer Service Philosophy

In many people's minds, debt collection and customer service are two entirely different things.  In fact, most consumers would laugh in disbelief at the idea of a debt collector attempting to be courteous or helpful.  At RSH & Associates, LLC, however, we believe it is possible to incorporate both together in an effort to achieve excellence in our daily tasks as Professional Collection Representatives.

First, the RSH idea of Customer Service applies directly to our contact with the consumers we are attempting to collect from.  The following are a number of key ways in which we make a concerted effort to achieve this:

  • All collectors are required to operate within the guidelines of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  There are no exceptions to this rule. 


  • While collection of the outstanding debt is of tantamount importance to our ultimate goals, all RSH Professional Collection Representatives attempt to establish secured arrangements by presenting consumers multiple options in which to pay their account(s); and, in many cases, without harming their credit.  This means tailoring the arrangement to meet the unique needs of each consumer.  A good RSH collection representative will do this by taking into account the size of the balance, the age of the debt, the financial situation, and even the current health or medical condition of the consumer.  We remember that, forcing a consumer into an arrangement which is impossible for them to keep, helps no one.


  • Our staff of Professional Collection Representatives always keep in mind that RSH is primarily a medical collection agency.  This means that a majority of the debts placed for collection were the result of an injury or illness.  For this reason alone, there should be a level of sensitivity and understanding in every telephone call.  This also means that while taking a course intended for payment in full, the consumer is still to be treated with dignity and respect.

Secondly, RSH Professional Collection Representatives are to recognize and respect the role of the client in all actions taken in the office.  Keep in mind, were it not for the clients who place their bad debt, an agency and its collectors would have no jobs to perform.  The following are a number of ways RSH representatives maintain a healthy customer service arrangement with our clients as well:


  • Make certain that we are familiar with and compliant with our client's wishes and requirements at all times.  This includes, but is not limited to, making sure suit, settlement, and credit bureau placement requests meet the desired client qualifications.  Our clients have requested our professional assistance in the collection of their debts.  RSH representatives make it a priority to do everything necessary to diminish their involvement and workload, not increase it.


  • In conjunction with our treatment of the consumer, RSH representatives are acutely aware that our clients do not wish to receive complaints.  Complaints not only jeopardize a provider's reputation in the community, but it requires their time and effort to untangle any problems which we might create.


  • On those rare occasions when a client call reaches our collection floor, it is imperative to be courteous and polite.  RSH representatives obtain the necessary information and forward the call to the appropriate representative in our office.  We understand that hese brief moments of interaction, if handled correctly when they occur, will speak volumes concerning the level of professionalism in our organization.

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